About Us

Hey, welcome.

I’m Brandon, and we are probably here for similar reasons. I want all the benefits of cold pressed juice, without the extra baggage—literally. With my active lifestyle, regular travel, and demanding job, there was no way to manage all of the bottles, fridges, etc.

It started in 2010: I was traveling four or five nights per week around the US working as a management consultant, and I saw cold pressed juice bars popping up in virtually every town I’d visit. Naturally, I gave it a try, and I instantly loved the way I felt afterward, on top of all the crazy health benefits.

With so much of my success riding on my health and well-being, I wanted to do regular juice cleanses, but it was nearly impossible while living out of a suitcase, with no room in my luggage for 5-7 bottles of juice, let alone a fridge to keep them fresh.

Turns out, many more people were missing the opportunity to cleanse and detox, too, and I got an idea.

Fast forward to 2014, after countless hours of research, dozens upon dozens of meetings, taste tests & packaging struggles… our first product, detox juice, was released to the public in 2016. 

We have so many people to thank for taking the leap of faith with us, trying our product, and giving us feedback, and in 2017, we re-formulated our 4 blends and released our current version of our juice cleanse in 1-day, 2-day & 3-day options to fit any budget or desired health goal.

To the business professional, the devoted parent, the travel bug, and everyone striving for good health: Cleanse on the go is made for you. The new standard of simplicity and convenience—cleansing, detoxing, and wellness are no longer constrained by the very things we stay healthy for.

I would love the opportunity to connect with you and hear what you have to say about Cleanse on the go—call or text me anytime: (248) 533-0795

-Brandon, Founder